E-Commerce, Social Media Come to Market Strategy
Project Overview
StarzOnBoard was an acquisition by our client Heritage Solutions. They acquired the licensing to produce cardboard cutouts of a variety of TV series and Movie Actors. We worked with them to launch this brand into Social Channels and drive sales through outreach. We worked with existing shows like AMC's the Walk Dead. We attended events and sold product on the clients behalf to help drive business to the social channels.  This  lead to sales on the webpage and got the entity cash positive in 8 months.
My Teams Contributions
We grew a following from 0 to almost 2300 followers by engaging with fans and working to stay relevant in the market place. We used a strategy of fan engagement and event outreach to grow the social presence of the entity. We had the opportunity to meet and interact with the stars of the shows and movies that we sold products for.

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StarzOnBoard a card board cut out brand