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SocialCatnip - Who We Are

Our niche is providing digital marketing services that will position you as an industry leader in your field. We specialize in just about everything from search engine optimization to web design. If you need it, we can do it! The tools and practices we provide you will give your company the competitive edge you have been in search of.

Why Are Better?

Simple our experience. We work with manufacturers. Its who our current clients are and who we want to work with. When you read my story you will understand that its not just internet marketing that you gain. Its networking, innovation and new ideas that we can bring to help your business move to the next level.

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Here are our areas of service...

Engine Optimization
& Google Adwords

This is the key aspect in making you easy to find. The goal of engine optimization and Google AdWords is to outperform competitors through ads and improvements to your search rankings. Trust us, these optimization-centered tools will have the traffic coming in no time.

Content Creation

Are you feeling stuck on what you want potential clients to see when they click on your website? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Creating quality content is insanely important when it comes to online marketing. We will help you reach the audience that you are targeting and make sure they see exactly who your company is. Whether it is creating content from scratch or finding ways to optimize your existing content for SEO, we are here to help!

Web Design & Web Branding

Think of the branding and design of your website as your company’s first impression on potential clients. We want to help you make it a good one. It is your what, how, and why. We have the best of the best to focus on making your website all that you have always dreamed of.

Sean and his oldest son Marcus

Sean Gowing, here!

Here’s where it all began...

You could definitely say my experience in the manufacturing industry goes way back.

My life actually revolved around it for as long as I can remember. My family began their own manufacturing business when I was a young boy. My father and grandfather dedicated their lives to its growth and success. As I got older, I would fill in wherever they needed me. It kept me busy and I fell in love with learning the ins and outs of the family business.

As I started getting the hang of it all, more responsibilities came rolling in. I did everything between manufacturing and shipping. Being surrounded by this line of work provided me with some of my most valuable skills that I use every day to support companies like yours. One of my many responsibilities was IT. That is what lead me to dedicate my life to the online and digital marketing realm of manufacturing. I am fortunate to have been given an extremely solid foundation when it comes to the needs that manufacturing companies, like yours, face.

So, What's Your Story?

SocialCatnip is here to provide marketing that perfectly reflects who you are as a company to potential clients. We will translate your companies services and products into a compelling story that is unique to all that your manufacturing company stands for. We can not wait to hear your story!

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