Sean Gowing
March 8, 2021

Today it’s easy to believe that everyone might have the magic oil that will cure your SEO problems. There is no magic oil fix for SEO.  Google will never allow that, it makes them less valuable as a company and would cut into what companies are spending on PPC campaigns.

But here is what we believe are the 2 golden rules at SocialCatnip.  

Rule #1 -  Patience  

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SEO is not an overnight thing.  It takes time, this is on purpose.  Google does not want you ranking #1 overnight.  They want it to be a process that takes time to build up your domain authority.   Make small changes, make sure you are following best practices.  If you don’t know Neil Patel I recommend that you take some time and learn from a master of online marketing.  A ton of the information he gives us for free.  This covers everything from Social Media to how to improve your internal linking strategy to benefit your own SEO strategies.  Shameless plug,  If this is too much for you, then reach out to us we can help.

Rule #2 - Consistency

The Rock tells us:

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson

If you stay consistent with your changes, blogs, and edits.  You will see the results.   You will start to build a reputation with Google and don’t forget Bing.  It is a hard long process to start building that domain authority that will make you rank higher.  It takes hard work, Dedication, and Consistency.  If you are short on time them our SEO experts can help you.  We will develop a strategy and work with you to implement it so that you can see the results.  The best part of online marketing is Analytics.  This isn’t like traditional advertising you can literally track the results from your campaign and adjust. If you follow these golden rules you will be able to track your results.

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