Abby Reyna
March 8, 2021

With a country as diverse as the United States, it’s a wonder why most companies don’t accommodate those that speak a language other than English.

For one, having a multi-language website will put you above the competition. After looking at the competitor websites, you’ll notice that they are not taking advantage of what is considered to be a great marketing tactic. Implementing a website translator does not have to be difficult either. A great example of one is by Google. Although Google just recently discontinued their translating widget, they now offer a Cloud Translation API which I encourage you to look into if you are looking for ways to implement a seamless translation of your website to a wide variety of languages. In terms of choosing which languages to incorporate into your website, you would want to analyze your visitors and get a rundown of who your customers are to begin with.

Another important thing to consider is that providing your customers with a multi-language website let’s your customers (and potential customers!) know that you are thoughtful and consider them and their culture which can always help build a new relationship. If you were looking for a specific service or product online, you would want to be able to understand what it was you were looking for to make your purchase. Why let a language barrier stop you from making a sale? Not only will you be targeting an international crowd, you’ll also be boosting traffic to your site. Be it a service or a product, an increase in sales will surely follow as well. 

In case you were wondering whether your website will encounter any search engine issues due to duplicate content, you can rest assured that translated websites aren’t affected at all! Just make sure you incorporate hreflang annotations to help Google identify the language. You also have the option to identify a region as well! 

These are only a few reasons why you should make your website multilingual. I strongly recommend looking into incorporating it if you want to be ahead of the competition.